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22 July 2024
AIDS in Africa Publications

AIDS in Africa Publictions by Dr F I D Konotey-Ahulu

  1. An African on AIDS in Africa. [CV Ref 113]
  2. Clinical epidemiology, not seroepidemiology is the answer to Africa's AIDS problem [CV 103]
  3. Some thirty features of AIDS in Africa [CV Ref 109]
  4. Group specific component and HIV infection [CV Ref 104]
  5. AIDS in Africa: Misinformation and Disinformation [CV Ref 108]
  6. AIDS: origin, transmission, and moral dilemmas [Ref 105]
  7. Surgery and risk of AIDS in HIV-positive patients [CV Ref 107]
  8. Extensive palatal echymosis from fellatio - a note of caution with AIDS at large [CV Ref106]
  9. AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa [CV Ref 111]
  10. HIV-2 in West Africa [CV Ref 112]
  11. HIV antibody positive sub-Saharan patients in the UK [Ref 115]
  12. AIDS in Africa [CV Ref 116]
  13. The AIDS crisis in Africa: a survey [CV Ref 118]
  14. The domicilliary management of AIDS in a rural community in Africa [CV Ref119]
  15. AIDS in Africa [CV Ref xxxvii]
  16. Slowing HIV contagion among Africans [CV Ref 122]
  17. African AIDS through African eyes [CV Ref 123]
  18. AIDS in Africa: Another Perspective [CV Ref 129]
  19. Probing anecdotes in traditional African therapeutics [CV Ref 132]
  20. AIDS vaccine trials [CV Ref 136]
  21. Chimps and AIDS [CV Ref 148]
  22. Chimps meat, AIDS and all that [CV Ref 152]
  23. AIDS in Africa: Obstacles to Health Care Delivery [CV Ref 153]
  24. Epidemiological aspects of demystifying AIDS [CV Ref 154]
  25. Black people's red faces and AIDS prevention [CV Ref 151]
  26. What Is AIDS? [Ref CV 114 & 135b]
  27. Education and debate BMJ 1 March 2003:The politics of AIDS in South Africa [Issues of race hinder public health] and the Rapid Response to Fassin and Scneider: Wake up call and need for paradigm shift. http://www.rethinking.org/bmj/response_30917.html 
1965 to present day, click here
446Konotey-Ahulu FID. LORD JESUS CHRIST - Bethlehem Beckons Easter. Loxwood Press, West Sussex, UK. 2024 Edition with 22 Comments in additional chapter
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FAQs (Click here for more)
1. Why is Sickle Cell Anaemia only found in Black people?
This is a very common mis-conception. Sickle cell anaemia (sca) is not "only found in Black people". White people in Greece, Sicily, Turkey, and their offspring around the world suffer from sickle cell anaemia (sca)... | More
2. Why do people with sickle cell anaemia not suffer from malaria?
A common mis-conception. A dangerous misconception. People with sickle cell anaemia do suffer from malaria, and very badly too. Doctors who have been wrongly taught have been known to advise... | More
3. Why then do Science teachers always talk about malaria protection in sickle cell anaemia?
Inadequate knowledge, or plain ignorance is the simple answer. I repeat: malaria affects sickle cell anaemia patients more seriously than it does others.... | More